Onda V818 Gets Merciful Chinese Review


Google English: The A31s thin quad-core tablet Onda V818mini trial [Original Chinese]


– A31s CPU confirmed to be just 1GHz
– screen is not the brightest
– low free memory causes web pages to close
– AnTuTu 11,747
– NenaMark2 61.1 fps
– back camera sucks

The AnTuTu and NenaMark scores are within the margin for error range shown in the first posted video.

I wondered about screen brightness when seeing the original video but decided to give it a pass until a proper review confirmed it. And now it’s been confirmed.

Clear shot of AnTuTu specs:

Click = big

Note that the screen is actually 1024 x 768. AnTuTu subtracts the Android bottom icon bar, then reporting it as 1024 x 716.

Carefully study this sample photo to reveal just how bad the back camera is:

Click = big

Look at the color shift and focus drop-off on the lower tree trunk. Maybe that’s a defective image sensor but the review has a second photo that also shows anomalies in focus, sharpness, and color fidelity. Apparently they didn’t notice this or simply didn’t expect anything better. Merciful review is merciful.

To be fair to IMP3Net, they do call this a First Look. Their usual comprehensive reviews also include battery rundown tests, which this lacks. But I’m skeptical that we’ll ever see a comprehensive review of the V818. This device just doesn’t seem to be worth the time.

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2 responses to “Onda V818 Gets Merciful Chinese Review

  1. Andy

    Wish I’d have read this before buying this laggy piece of crap.

    • mikecane

      Ah, so it’s as slow as I thought? That’s sad. Onda is a good brand but I think they went a bit overboard with their customization of Android, which likely accounts for the lag. Also not helping is that the A31s CPU has single-channel and not dual-channel memory, like its older brother the A31. Perhaps someone will develop a rooting method that will let you get rid of the Onda customizations.

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