Onda V818 Gets Full AnTuTu Test


After complaining about a video that cut the AnTuTu test, this store went and put up a full AnTuTu test of the Onda V818.

Is it any better?








As already noted, the Archos 80 Titanium — which has a dual-core Rockchip CPU — scores 11,516. So to see a quad-core device score less is just daft and not worth the money.

Now the video:

Previously here:

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3 responses to “Onda V818 Gets Full AnTuTu Test

  1. booger

    Booger wonders whether these low scores are attributable to the hardware or the software. In other words, can you have hardware and a poor score, cause you messed up the software.

  2. Lance

    The A7 quad is closer to a dual core A9, and the benchmarks seem to prove this. I’m more interested in the RK 3188, although the PowerVR gpu of the A31 makes it a little more appealing.

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