Video: iPad Mini Clone Ramos X10 Benchmarks


Now we have a second video from a different seller of the Ramos X10.

And it’s quite revealing!

Let’s review the specs:

200mm x 138mm x 8.8mm, 361.5g, Actions ATM7029 ARM Cortex A9 A5 CPU at unknown speed, Vivente GC1000 quad-core GPU, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 16 GBs storage, WiFi, microUSB 2.0 OnTheGo, microHDMI-out, microSD slot up to 32GB, cameras 2MP front and 5MP back, no Bluetooth.

So is this one worth buying?


This one has lower scores than the Onda V818!


That is the mot confusing background image ever on a tablet.

Android specs:


Multitouch specs:


And we finally know the speed of that Actions ATM7029 ARM Cortex A5 CPU:


That’s twenty-percent faster than the 1GHz A31s in the Onda V818. So this should have better AnTuTu and NenaMark2 scores, right?




That is just breathtakingly miserable! That’s inexplicably one-fourth less than the AnTuTu score the HKC Quest got, which allegedly uses a 1.3GHz version of that CPU. And it’s about fifteen percent lower than the Onda V818 — despite having a CPU twenty percent faster. What?

And NenaMark2 is not much better:


That’s eight frames less than the Onda V818.

The video shows the heavy CNN site being called up. That looks OK. And so does playing a motorcycle game.

But the Ramos X10 seems to be the least powerful of the iPad Mini clones so far. I didn’t expect its scores to be so low.

It might be OK for some light media consumption, but if you want to do some muscular stuff — like work with Microsoft Office-format files (see this post) — it looks like the iPad Mini clone to avoid.

I’m more eager than ever to see videos and scores from the clones using the quad-core Rockchip 3188 CPU.

Now the video:

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