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And The News Mess Has Ended

Earlier today: I Wake Up To A Mess Of News




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MediaTek MT6589 Quad-Core CPU AnTuTu Score

Google English: NO.1 mini Pad 7-inch phone evaluation


And that score is controversial with, at post time, a Comment calling it fraudulent:

True when those of us who the user is an idiot ah, put forward a review article or ps with a bunch of pictures, run sub-look ridiculously false sd card read and write speed of 106m / s, the Walled plant really is to the Guards. The back of the game screen, 1080p playback screen is a machine pictures ps numerous interface picture, if you run points is a screenshot of this cargo must be modified system ripoff.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So why am I running this?

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Same-day update: This is yet another fake.


The account is filled with tweets about soccer and some tweets seem to be from someone actually British.

A fake account surfaced today. This account, with that tweet, has been around a while. If someone changed their Twitter account to that name and user ID (it is possible to do), that person is a dick. If this is the real account of the suspect, things are just getting even more weird.

Update after the break.

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I Wake Up To A Mess Of News


Guard shot dead, a 7-11 robbery, carjackings, explosives thrown from vehicles, a shootout.

The timeline hasn’t been made clear to me yet other than one suspect being killed.

This is fast work.

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