MediaTek MT6589 Quad-Core CPU AnTuTu Score

Google English: NO.1 mini Pad 7-inch phone evaluation


And that score is controversial with, at post time, a Comment calling it fraudulent:

True when those of us who the user is an idiot ah, put forward a review article or ps with a bunch of pictures, run sub-look ridiculously false sd card read and write speed of 106m / s, the Walled plant really is to the Guards. The back of the game screen, 1080p playback screen is a machine pictures ps numerous interface picture, if you run points is a screenshot of this cargo must be modified system ripoff.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So why am I running this?

I’m running it to give the site the benefit of the doubt.

AnTuTu is not a secret test available only to a few. If the above results are fraudulent, others who run AnTuTu on that device will quickly point it out, destroying the credibility of that site. Just one YouTube video with a vastly different result can do it. It’s just not possible to hide fraud like that.

It could also be that the Commenter has a defective unit that doesn’t give that AnTuTu score, thus causing him to fling those accusations.

What I find interesting — taking the point of view that the test is genuine — is that’s the kind of score I was hoping for from both the Ramos X10 and the Onda V818. No such luck, though.

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