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Doctor Who: Hide


No spoilers ahead.

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Chuwi Makes CPU Speed Claims

Here’s an interesting graphic Chuwi — whose V88 iPad Mini clone has yet to reach stores — has published, claiming its device will be more powerful than all others:


I’m not certain what standard they’re using. AnTuTu doesn’t run on the iPad Mini, which is the top bar at 5,494. Perhaps it’s a generic A5 CPU?

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All The Way Down It’s Just Writers

How To Change the Future of Publishing Now, Even Though It’s Too Late

Technology and social networks both require serious cash. With investment, it is possible to beat back giants. Look at the rise of Apple in 1999 when the company finally started making the right technology choices again. Look at famous disrupting forces like Napster, Redhat, Netscape, Firefox, Twitter, Ubuntu, Chrome. All of those required large amounts of cash to take their share. Is that share important? It definitely is. Can it be measured meaningfully looking at P & L margins alone? No. Publishers: your content is the same way. It’s no longer just about making enough unit sales on a project and then moving along. You have lists, there is a long tail, you have cults of personality, you have devoted audiences, you have long lifecycles for books across all manner of digital media that you don’t control. Wake up.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This addresses publishers.

But publishers twiddle their thumbs without writers.

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