Chuwi Makes CPU Speed Claims

Here’s an interesting graphic Chuwi — whose V88 iPad Mini clone has yet to reach stores — has published, claiming its device will be more powerful than all others:


I’m not certain what standard they’re using. AnTuTu doesn’t run on the iPad Mini, which is the top bar at 5,494. Perhaps it’s a generic A5 CPU?

But clearly the A31 bar is aimed straight at Onda’s V818, which uses the A31s variant. Note the 13,868 is for a 1.2Ghz speed — and the V818 tops out at 1.0GHz, thus lowering that score.

Chuwi is claiming an AnTuTu score of 18,000 for the Rockchip 3188 CPU its V88 will use. That will be hella fast — but they’ll have egg on their face if final units don’t match that score or come very close to it (given margins for error).

In short, Chuwi is claiming their V88 will be over three times as fast as the current iPad Mini.

Ultimately, it won’t be the AnTuTu score that matters for Chuwi. It will be how well its V88 handles the Google Books PDF test. That’s what matters to me. It’s a more muscular test than any game software.

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  1. The A5 refers to the ATM7029 as many benchmark software detected it as an A5 and not A9

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