R.I.P. Writer Cort McMeel

A warrior has fallen.

A warrior has fallen. Cort McMeel has left us.

Cort McMeel

In the face of one of his beautiful onslaughts, he’d make you believe that burning up your life for literature, well, it was the only rational thing you could do.

Enmeshed in a system that does everything in its power to compel conformity and obedience, it’s too easy to find yourself alone in a corner with your own mind being turned against itself. That is the ultimate trap. Don’t don’t don’t fall for it.

His family will need the royalties: Short by Cortright McMeel


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2 responses to “R.I.P. Writer Cort McMeel

  1. Jean Charbonneau

    I was a friend of Cort’s. Those two homages are wonderful, thank you to both authors. I miss Cort tremendously

  2. Susan Gadwah

    I am a friend of the family from years of a best friendship starting with my grandparents and summers spent in Nonquitt, MA. My heart is breaking for all the friends and especially his wonderful parents. My thoughts and prayers to go out to all who cared about this wonderful young man, especially his young children, who will no longer have their father.
    Suki Pisarra Gadwah

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