Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #1

Someone in Europe bought an Onda V818 Mini:

Anyone with a Onda V818?

I bought it because it promised to be (slightly) smaller, thinner and lighter then other models. It is all those things. It is a nice tab, however, it comes with some kind of Phablet Launcher, and loads of “cutesy” Chinese apps and the very worst Playstore compatibility I have ever seen. absolutely abysmal. If Onda have even the slightest notion of selling outside of China, and the facebook launch looked like they were trying to, thye need to address this. Because it is rooted I can get my way around this by side-loading, spoofing etc, but still…. Shouldn’t have to.

It doesn’t seem to like to play ball that well with other launchers (Apex), loosing auto-rotation randomly, slowing down, BW wdgets disappearing, etc… I think deleting all those pesky Chinese apps has given it a headache.

Elsewhere here, a Commenter suggested the AnTuTu score for the V818 might be lower than expected due to Onda’s tinkering with Android. That just might be the case.

Rooting the V818 and installing a custom vanilla firmware might be worthwhile. Here is a post for that: Onda V818 mini root custom firmware v2.0 (2013-04-08)

Given all the different iPad Mini clones suddenly popping up, it’d be easy to think that aside from the guts, they’re using a standard external template. But that turns out not to be true.

On the left is the Ramos X10 and the right is the Onda V818 Mini:


The site I pulled that from said that even though the V818 is just 1mm less thick, the design of its edges make it feel much thinner.

Here are benchmarks from a review of the Ramos X10 [Google English]:

Click = big

Click = big

I think that provides additional substantiation that it’s a rather weak tablet. The reviewers of the X10 and V818 don’t seem to expect much and generally regard them as simple and very portable media consumption devices.

Here is the kind of AnTuTu score I was hoping for:

Click = big

That’s an unknown tablet with a Rockchip 3188 quad-core CPU. Even though it’s not the 18,000 Chuwi claims for its upcoming V88, it’s clearly significantly more powerful than the X10 and V818. With that 3188 CPU and the option of 2GBs of RAM (while all the others have just 1GB), Chuwi’s V88 could set a new high mark for these clones.

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