AnTuTu Antics With Chinese Phones

You would think that given two phones of identical hardware — 1GB of RAM, MediaTek 6589 quad-core CPU and PowerVR SGX544MP GPU — you’d wind up with identical AnTuTu scores.


You would think!

But no.


Identical guts confirmed by AnTuTu:


So what is the difference? The date of the Android build:


Left is April 15, right is April 3.

This makes me wonder:

1) Is the higher score the upper bound that hardware can do?

2) How much optimization of Android is possible to increase speed?

But wait! This plot thickens. Both of those scores are in the 12,000s. Then what are we to make of this other MediaTek 6589 AnTuTu score that was controversial?


That’s a hell of a big difference — 12,000s to 15,000s

Here is the video of the battling phones:

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