iPad Mini Clone Chuwi V88 Benchmarked


And so here we are, finally with a video of the much-anticipated Chuwi V88.

Let’s review the original specs:

201mm x 136.6mm x 7.2mm, 305g, Rockchip 3188 Cortex A9 quad-core CPU at 1.8GHz, unknown eight-core 533MHz GPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 8/16 GBs storage, WiFi, microUSB 2.0 OnTheGo, microHDMI-out, microSD slot up to 32GB, cameras 2MP front and 5MP back, no Bluetooth.

Chuwi talked big on its website about the speed of the Rockchip 3188 quad-core CPU in the V88.


Note to begin with that the CPU is now 1.6GHz, not 1.8GHz as originally claimed.

So was that brag justified?

Let’s see.



That’s not the 18,000 they claimed. It’s not even the 17,618 another 3188-based tablet got.

Where does it fit in terms of power? Look:



Unlike Onda, Chuwi did not molest the standard Android Settings UI:


Although they oddly placed Volume Up and Volume Down icons on the bottom bar. Yet left off a screensnap icon(!). If you’re going to add anything, throw in the screensnap icon too. Having to press hardware buttons for a screensnap is ass. [Update Friday May 3, 2013: Volume and screensnap icons are optional in Settings. See this post.]

Here’s a surprise:


Or at least it says so in the Settings. I’d like to see proof of that, pairing with a Bluetooth speaker and/or keyboard first.

So after all, Chuwi does — so far — have the most powerful of the iPad Mini clones. They’ve beaten the HKC Q79 (aka Quest), Onda V818 Mini, and the Ramos X10 in terms of benchmarks. It also has 2GBs of internal RAM, versus 1GB for all of the others. And if there’s actually functional Bluetooth inside, they’ve got the only iPad Mini clone that’s worth buying.

Same day update: Chuwi and vendors are claiming a 1.8GHz CPU speed. The 1.6GHz stated in the video might be an error. I’m awaiting clarification. I’ve also updated the specs to include the 305g weight.

Update, Wednesday April 24, 2013: Despite Chuwi’s hype, the Rockchip 3188 CPU is running at 1.6GHz with the possibility of future optimization to enable 1.8Ghz. See Comments at the YouTube video.

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5 responses to “iPad Mini Clone Chuwi V88 Benchmarked

  1. Hey I found a review of this from Pandawill and they got a much better Antutu score of 18045. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=eUeJYxHie04&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DeUeJYxHie04 maybe this one Merimobiles tested was an early model or the 1GB model?

  2. leo

    i have 1 scoring 17000. i dont mind it is less than 18000.

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