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Onda V818 Mini: Credible AnTuTu Scores

I have now seen five AnTuTu test scores from four different sources that give me enough confidence to state the Onda V818 is in the lower 11,000 range.

First AnTuTu score:


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ebay Seller Seeks Suckers With Money To Waste

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That’s about a US$100 premium!

Maddeningly, the listing has the CPU running at 1.6GHz, not 1.8GHz, which is true — but it also states there’s no Bluetooth. WTF?

Previously here:

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Guide To Chinese iPad Mini Clones


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Just How Prevalent Is AnTuTu Score Fraud?

I’ve been seeing a lot of contradictory AnTuTu score information in my research into Chinese iPad Mini clones.

Here is just one head-splitting example.

This is the AnTuTu score for the Ramos X10 from a YouTube video:


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Amazon To Introduce Kindle Paperwhite In China This Week

According to Bolopad, Amazon China will introduce the Kindle Paperwhite for sale in China this week, starting on the 26th.

Google English: Listing price of 989 yuan the Kindle Paperwhite States is about 26

The rumored price is 989 yuan. To put that price into perspective, that’s generally the within range of a new iPad Mini clone from Ramos or Onda. And new seven-inch tablets in China hover around 499-699 yuan. That might make it a very hard sell especially if Amazon also intends to introduce the Android Kindle app too.

After the break, a screensnap of Kindle doing Chinese.

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