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Onda V818 English-Language Video

As a review, I don’t think much of this video. He doesn’t run AnTuTu and clearly he hasn’t tried the most powerful games that can cause problems for the V818. And his web browsing tests must have been very light that he didn’t encounter the memory problems that can crop up with it.

The one thing the video taught me is that the Onda V818 lacks hardware volume buttons. My head has been spinning from all the iPad Mini clones and a detail like that slipped by me.

Lastly, his V818 takes better photos than the sample photo shown here. They must have had a defective sensor. He also tests the video camera.

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What’s Up With Me And Twitter? Part Two

I’ve unProtected my account.

It’s clear to me now that I can get along without Twitter just fine and there’s no danger of me returning there and using it as much as I once did.

From time to time I will tweet a blog post, pop in to ask a question (which usually never gets fucking answered — so much for “the conversation”), or pop in when there’s breaking live news (like the Boston marathon bombing).

Other than that, Twitter is generally irrelevant to me.

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Onda V818 Doing PDF


Google English: The function of the fluency of Onda V818mini evaluation system, performance, battery life, wifi, OTG, etc.

That’s a new review of the Onda V818 Mini. The site clogged the hell out of my browser but YMMV. There are several embedded Youku videos, one of which shows PDF handling. I’ve managed to embed that video after the break.

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No eInk Kindle In China (Yet?)

It’s Friday. The rumored date for the introduction of the eInk Kindle in China.

China is 12 hours ahead from me, so it’s already well past business hours there at post time.

If there had been a Kindle introduction, it would have been splashed on their site’s front page. It’s not.

Click = big

Amazon already offers the Kindle software for iOS and Android as well as the desktop. So why would anyone in China even want an eInk device? It’d be just one more thing to carry.

I thought a Friday would be a weird day to introduce it. But China tends to do things differently.

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