Onda V818 Doing PDF


Google English: The function of the fluency of Onda V818mini evaluation system, performance, battery life, wifi, OTG, etc.

That’s a new review of the Onda V818 Mini. The site clogged the hell out of my browser but YMMV. There are several embedded Youku videos, one of which shows PDF handling. I’ve managed to embed that video after the break.

Note that those PDFs hold only marginal interest to me. My focus is the huge PDF books from Google Books which really push the limits of portable hardware.

A Commenter to this blog who owns an Onda 818 [correction: HKC Quest aka Q79, which has a less powerful CPU] reports:

it took about 4s to load a random page of success.pdf and 8s for the process world PDF file (using adobe reader).

Some of that sounds like the Nexus 7 PDF test someone did for me. [Additional correction: If I hadn’t made the first error, I wouldn’t have quoted the Commenter in a post about the Onda V818.]

This review also mentions the Onda V818’s shortage of RAM but gives Onda the benefit of the doubt for future optimization to free more RAM. There’s also some USB On the Go testing but the Google English is so bad it’s incomprehensible.

I don’t see any reason for anyone outside of China to get the Onda V818. The Archos 80 Platinum is the Onda V812, has just about the same internals as the V818, and its Android build is generally unchanged. Also, given the benchmarks I’ve seen, the Archos 80 Titanium with its dual-core Rockchip 3066 CPU seems just as good for US$40 less.

Now the video:

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2 responses to “Onda V818 Doing PDF

  1. booger

    I would get the ONDA 818 assuming that it is 5.4 inches wide versus the Archos at 6 inches, and assuming it has bluetooth. I say “assuming” because I forget easily.

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