What’s Up With Me And Twitter? Part Two

I’ve unProtected my account.

It’s clear to me now that I can get along without Twitter just fine and there’s no danger of me returning there and using it as much as I once did.

From time to time I will tweet a blog post, pop in to ask a question (which usually never gets fucking answered — so much for “the conversation”), or pop in when there’s breaking live news (like the Boston marathon bombing).

Other than that, Twitter is generally irrelevant to me.

Previously here:

What’s Up With Me And Twitter?



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6 responses to “What’s Up With Me And Twitter? Part Two

  1. And yet I’m still blocked. LOL

  2. Oh dear. I’ve just started Tweeting after a long absence. I got my dental implants done and they are brilliant!

    • mikecane

      My god! You don’t know how much I missed you! I searched several times on Twitter and for your blog and couldn’t ever be sure if I found you. Follow me on Twitter so I can Follow back and hear all about the new teeth!

      • I followed you earlier today before I read this post!! I’ve had a pretty bad time. Divorce, homelessness etc. But I’m through it now and waiting to get my money out of the marriage. Got my new Hackintosh up and working and a nice fast connection so I’m ready to go! :)

      • mikecane

        You can’t keep a good man down!

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