Orphan Black: Episode Five


So am I still addicted to this series?



Oh hell yes!


Notice the ring on that hand. The same hand as the previous episode! Flashback:


So I was wrong, thinking that was Beth’s boyfriend.













What’s up with Alison’s guy? What was in that box? What papers or photos did he burn? And why?

So Beth’s boyfriend is her monitor. And They control him. Who is They? Military Ops? CIA?

Why does Alison stock so much food in her garage?

I think Cosima is a lesbian who has the hots for that French student. Anyone else think so?

And seriously, the police department let Sarah go just like that? Art didn’t bother to try to talk her back? What’s going to happen with the Chen case now? Why did Chen have to die?

And Vic. I have a feeling he’s going to be the way all the clones get out of this mess. He’ll redeem himself in the end.

I also think Felix’s love interest from the morgue is going to be instrumental in freeing the clones too via a neat cover-up.

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5 responses to “Orphan Black: Episode Five

  1. Keishon


    Well, I think Cosima has a monitor too, the French student? My impression is that they all have a monitor. The guy with the ring? He’s probably the same guy asking Paul about Beth. Allison’s husband is a monitor too. Does he know more than Paul? Probably not. Vic will be instrumental later, that I can agree with. Chen supposedly made “Sarah” according to the killer clone so that connection isn’t clear to me yet. Art doesn’t seem to have figured out that Sarah isn’t Beth. He keeps feeding her information that she should know. That could possibility be because of the meds she was on that is throwing her off her game and he’s giving her the benefit of the doubt. IDK. I find his lack of attention to details for a cop to be suspicious. I don’t think we’re gonna get many answers out of Paul though as he seems to be in the dark. His being in the military, this could probably be CIA or some other secret government experiment to use them as spies? Who knows. Will stop rambling now.

  2. Martin

    You right it’s look Cosima is a lesbian…It’s getting better and better every week…I’m totally lost now..

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