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iPad Mini Clone Onda V818 Mini Opened

If you’re tired of seeing the Onda V818 Mini posts, don’t blame me.

I wish people were also posting videos of the HKC Q79/Quest, and more of the Ramos X10 and the Chuwi V88.

But Onda’s been hogging the video coverage right now.

After the break, the Onda V818 Mini being opened up. It’s a brand-new one too, with the shipping screen protector still on!

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Samsung Unkills The Seven-Inch Tablet Category It Created

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 announced, a low-end 7-inch tablet that makes calls

Canceled, then uncanceled.

Uncanceled because they added voice call capability.

Samsung realized they didn’t yet have a full seven-inch phone.

They shouldn’t have bothered.

Neither should you.

Previously here:

Samsung Kills The Seven-Inch Tablet Category It Created

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