Chuwi V88: Bluetooth In Settings

Bluetooth seems to exist in the Chuwi V88.

This is a screensnap of Settings from the Chuwi V88. I swiped it from an HKEPC forum post [Google English].

Click = big

The screensnap clearly shows Bluetooth On/Off in the left column, second choice, underneath WiFi. See the stylized B for Bluetooth logo?

Also interesting is the Screenshot setting.

The only thing that slightly makes sense in the forum is that there were problems with both Bluetooth and WiFi that were both fixed with a recent firmware update (apparently issued on April 25th). Also, someone might have managed to buy one with a green shell.

And bad news: The microSD card does protrude from the slot.

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2 responses to “Chuwi V88: Bluetooth In Settings

  1. booger

    If the sd card protrudes, there is a good chance you will need tweezers or your fingernails to remove.

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