Video: iPad Mini Clone Cube U35GT

Leave it to Charbax to get the first video of the Cube U35GT.

US$120 per unit in bulk purchase. Think about that. Cube is making money at that price. So it makes you wonder what the non-margin price really is, doesn’t it?

Previously here:

Guide To Chinese iPad Mini Clones


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3 responses to “Video: iPad Mini Clone Cube U35GT

  1. Ric Day

    Mike, that $120 price isn’t that great. That is an FOB price ex-factory and when an importer adds costs like shipping, insurance, custms clearance … and a margin, the retail cost to the consumer is typically ariound 3x FOB in the US for a low-end electronic product; 4x to 5x for better quality items.

    So this would retail fairly close to the price of a full-size iPad, I suspect. They would need to get the FOB price for volume orders down to around $80 to be directly competitive with an iPad mini; lower to offer a lower retail price (or shave margins to the bone.

    The other question I woudld have would be, what is the minimum order? 100 units? 1,000? units? My guess is, the $120 is for an order of at least 1,000 pieces and probably more. Looks impressive, but pricey.

  2. booger

    Funny stuff from Charbax when suggesting how to make it look less like an Ipad Mini.

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