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PandaWill Posts Bullshit AnTuTu Score For Chuwi V88


I’m not 100% back yet but someone pointed this out to me in Comments so I had to go look.

This is my Comment at YouTube (in case it is deleted):

Your AnTuTu score is, to be charitable, unlikely. Chuwi itself claims 18,000 for the CPU itself — and YOU are claiming MORE than 18,000? Either you are being fraudulent or you have accidentally used the fake version of the AnTuTu test. This video should be redone anyway because the speedups that are evident in it only add to my suspicion of you trying to gain customers no matter what.

I don’t know what PandaWill’s reputation is, but after seeing this video their reputation with me is now Do Not Trust.

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A Break In The Action


I underwent an emergency medical procedure yesterday.

I am too loopy from painkillers to keep up with things.

I should be back to speed by Sunday.


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