PandaWill Posts Bullshit AnTuTu Score For Chuwi V88


I’m not 100% back yet but someone pointed this out to me in Comments so I had to go look.

This is my Comment at YouTube (in case it is deleted):

Your AnTuTu score is, to be charitable, unlikely. Chuwi itself claims 18,000 for the CPU itself — and YOU are claiming MORE than 18,000? Either you are being fraudulent or you have accidentally used the fake version of the AnTuTu test. This video should be redone anyway because the speedups that are evident in it only add to my suspicion of you trying to gain customers no matter what.

I don’t know what PandaWill’s reputation is, but after seeing this video their reputation with me is now Do Not Trust.

Here is the video:

Same-day update: Obviously my head is still too fogged by painkillers. I should have also pointed everyone to this prior post for the basis of my calling PandaWill’s AnTuTu score fraudulent:

Just How Prevalent Is AnTuTu Score Fraud?

Previously here:

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7 responses to “PandaWill Posts Bullshit AnTuTu Score For Chuwi V88

  1. Waking up this morning and glad to see you “partially back.” (Although you should do as Ric said and take it easy.) I hope this means the procedure was a one-time thing and you’ll be back to 100% soon. I didn’t watch the videos about this tablet so I have nothing to say about your comments on the Chuwi V88 video except maybe “Let the Wookiee win.”

  2. Mine posts 17845 maximum, which is not far off. This is using the Google Play downloaded app. I use a task killer before running it, and have all caches cleared. I also have Airplane mode ON (but WiFi turned back on) which loses some of the legacy Phone.APK overhead, and in Developer Options I set Force GPU For 2D Rendering to ENABLED. The device is rooted, and has all the bloatware uninstalled. It posts 17000-17800 in repeated testing.

    If you want a less variable benchmark, with more repeatable results, I would suggest CF Bench Pro. Of the dozen or so tablets I have, this seems to give more real world comparisons.

    • mikecane

      But it’s still not 18,000+, which is just flat-out not possible, which was my original point.

      Thanks for providing all those details.

      • Impossible is always seen as a challenge to me (must be a character flaw) :)

        I upgraded the firmware on my tablet to TopNotchTablets R1 firmware which is cleaned of bloat, is pre-ROOTed, and a few other tweaks. I applied a few tweaks to the build.prop and general settings, made sure everything that did not to start at boot was blocked.

        So, after a few 17950 to 17980 scores I got a 18015. It is possible to do what Pandawill has done, but not something you will see without much screwing around with a rooted device. The last few points were due to an SD card booster app (cache size changer) which bumped up the SD read speed a bit more, but not by much.

        While technically possible to achieve this score, it is most certainly not a score you will get out of the box, and that is the point here. These guys show a score that a consumer wont get unless they invalidate their warranty (if they got one in the first place). A dubious practice for sure, but not impossible – the benefits achieved for these tiny gains are also totally worthless as you just wont feel the difference anyway. A nice technical challenge for a geek though :)

      • mikecane

        See, the thing is, you are modifying the stock tablet, which is against the rules of reviewing stock tablets that the public will buy.

  3. As I said, a dubious practice for a seller to do – especially on a review. The thing is, that you can go to all this trouble for a few extra Antutu points, its all bollocks anyway because it “feels” no faster. All you get is some bigger numbers, and while that may sound nice to some, those people need to get out more. A more valid test would be a pure CPU benchmark, because, unless you are playing 3D games, the CPU performance is what counts. I really do recommend CF Bench Pro for this as it tests the device in a less biased manner.

    As for my tablet, the Stock FW was fine, but the TNT R1 FW was better. If I were to post a review, it would be clearly stated what was done to achieve it, but I would be inclinded to say “don’t bother messing with it” because the pad is great as it is for the money and if you have a warranty, why jeopardise it if it’s fine OOB. Just my $0.02…

  4. ina

    I bought on June 2014 a case a tablet a sd card from Ended up the case malfunction very cheap, bend made. The tablet malfunction/ faulty too
    I didn’t know for about two weeks another a week explaining to them back and forth to get RMA , the tablet pandawill sent would be malfunction/ faulty until I try wifi , Because my net10 not compatible with it . I’m making a blog about this . not just Pandawill wants to deduct 10% from using the tablet for a month which I didn’t, wants to deduct two gifts not being sent back to them $4.99 + $11.99 which I only received one $4.99 , even though Pandawill keep saying sorry not checked and tested this tablet Pandawill as they said they did all that , refuse to refund shipping this malfunction tablet back to them . I I agree Pandawill is a bunch of thieves yes thieves and scammers . And I’m posting all emails bout this crooks !! Just stay away!!

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