Dealsprime Posts Honest AnTuTu Score For Chuwi V88

But they ruin things by claiming they’ll include a USB On The Go cable as a “free gift” — that cable is included by Chuwi as standard!

Anyway, the AnTuTu score:


That more or less matches the AnTuTu score from the mysterious IMP3Net review (16,394) and is within the margin for error of the 15,726 Merimobiles posted — and it blasts a big fat hole in the score PandaWill posted (18,045).

Additional AnTuTu screens:




Why do I say this is an “honest” score?

Because they show AnTuTu being downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Too bad they try to pull that fast one with the USB OTG cable. Really, sellers, you can’t get away with that shit anymore. You might have gotten away with saying the AC adapter was a free gift because it’s already been established it’s not in the damn tablet box.

Anyway, here are the two relevant videos:

Previously here;

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2 responses to “Dealsprime Posts Honest AnTuTu Score For Chuwi V88

  1. Pluto

    I’m pretty sure it’s not an intentional misleading statement from DealsPrme about the OTG cable. These sellers buy these units in bulk, and things like PSU and OTG are sometimes not purchased with the units.

    • mikecane

      When I pointed out to Dealsprime that they had a fraudulent AnTuTu score for the Ramos K1 and should use AnTuTu X for an honest score, they just deleted my Comment at YouTube and never re-did the test. So there’s that to consider too.

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