Did IMP3Net Remove A Review Of The Chuwi V88?

I’m trying to slowly catch up with things and I’m hit with a mystery.

The Tablet/MID site of IMP3Net touts a review of the Chuwi V88, which I’ve boxed in red:

Click = big

Yet that URL does a 404. And that item is not mentioned under Tablet/MID at the main IMP3Net page.

That makes me think they removed that review yet neglected to cleanse it from the separate Tablet/MID site.

And it did actually exist.

Here it is in original Chinese via Google Cache:

Click = big

And here it is via Google Translate of the cache:

Click = big

This was apparently a comprehensive review because it’s made of four sections. But I can’t find a way to get past the first section in the Google Cache.

Interestingly, in the first part they mention the warping of the front that’s been mentioned by an owner:

Click = big

I don’t want to spin off into conspiracy theories by pointing out that Chuwi is an advertiser, and yet … why is the link missing from the main page but not from the Tablet/MID site? What exactly happened here? If I sound a bit paranoid, too bad. I’ve seen enough corruption in American tech sites to trust Chinese ones — or any sites, for that matter.

If anyone saw the original review or can explain what’s happened, leave a Comment.

Perhaps this is all some linking error. But I’d really like to access the full review in the Google Cache to make sure they don’t do any revisionism.

Same day update:

Here’s the complete review in original Chinese in Google Cache:

Section One
Section Two
Section Three
Section Four

And here’s the cached version via Google Translate:

Section One
Section Two
Section Three
Section Four

Items of interest:

– AnTuTu score of 16,394 [more realistic than PandaWill]
– NenaMark2 score of 55.6fps [seems about 5fps too low]
– NBA2K13, Modern Warfare games do not play
– the back 5MP camera seems to be good:

Click = ginormous

Aside from not showing a screensnap of the AnTuTu score, there’s nothing I see in that review that would have required pulling it. Perhaps it’s a linking error after all.

Update Wednesday May 8 2013: It must have been a linking or CMS error. IMP3Net has since published the review [Google English] — with a publication date of May 3rd — and as far as I can determine, none of the contents were changed from the cached version.

Update Wednesday May 8 2013: See: IMP3Net Pulled Its Chuwi V88 Review And Changed It

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