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Murder By Piracy

The Real Problem With Piracy

Piracy is killing the wrong people, for all the wrong reasons. It’s not destroying the traditional publishers. In fact, it’s helping them by keeping us in the past. Piracy is really destroying the new world of digital creators. People who want to do it right!



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YouTube Playlists About Tablets

I have no intention of posting every tablet video I come across.

But I do collect them in a variety of YouTube playlists.

For these, I’ve been searching daily — sometimes more than once — and will do so until I lose interest:
Chuwi V88 Playlist
iPad Mini Clones Playlist [Onda V818, Ramos X10, others]
Archos 80 Titanium Playlist
Archos 80 Platinum Playlist

Sporadic updates:
Onda V812 Playlist
Eight-Inch Tablets Misc Playlist
Nook HD+ Playlist

No longer updated:
Galaxy Note 8.0 Playlist
Archos 97 Titanium Playlist

The thing about YouTube is that if you don’t collect early videos into a Playlist, you wind up watching pirated copies from spammers who collect pre-roll ad fees. The other thing about YouTube is that when a video is removed, they no longer tell you which one it was in the Playlist.

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Video: Nook HD+ With Google Play


Nathan over at The eBook Reader blog has done the first detailed video of the Nook HD+ with Google Play.

See it after the break.

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Still Behind


That about sums it up.

I’ve got The Slowest PC In The Universe and a mouse that’s flaking out, sometimes not clicking and sometimes double-clicking.

I’ve got over 1,000 unread posts from various sites, not including what’s been published in China.

YouTube and local videos still skip even though I swear I’ve used every damn utility to kill unwanted processes but it still seems like something is stealing CPU cycles — even though anti-viral scans all say No.

If you miss two days on the Net with the crap hardware I have, you get buried if you’re actually following things. Is it any wonder I lust after tablets?

Maybe I will be caught up by Tuesday.

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Orphan Black: Episode Six


Things are beginning to be not what they have seemed to be.

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Barnes & Noble’s Shocking Nook Tablet Sale

Just yesterday, I said that Barnes & Noble had to cut the price of the Nook HD+ to US$199.

Today, this:

Click = big

Whoa! It doesn’t matter that this is a sale. They went down to US$179!

That’s just US$10 more than the dual-core Archos 80 Titanium.

I am shocked, stunned, and in awe.

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