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Occupy Wall Street: All Gone

All photos taken today, Monday May 6, 2013. Photos resized and resampled to VGA; click any to enlarge.

I haven’t been to the city since a few days after Supertstorm Sandy. And being off Twitter has kept me out of the Occupy loop.

Still, today was surprising, if not discouraging.

Even though the Wall Street Bull has barricades around it, people can freely get next to it and there was no longer any NYPD present.


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Superstorm Sandy Damage Persists Months Later

All photos taken today, Monday May 6, 2013. Photos resized and resampled to VGA; click any to enlarge.

It’s now been over six months since Superstorm Sandy hit New York City. The damage remains.

At the Whitehall Ferry Terminal:


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Freedom Tower: May 6, 2013

It’s been months since I’ve been to the site.

The Freedom Tower is now at its full height (which includes the broadcast tower — or spire as they’re calling it).

Photos taken today, click any to enlarge.


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Store Sign Of The Future?

Sign on small store door in Chinatown, NYC, today, Tuesday May 6, 2013:


And no, this wasn’t a bookstore or an electronics store. It was some kind of crap “collectibles.” I was in a rush and so stunned by the sign that I didn’t bother to photograph the store itself.

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Tomorrow: Google Books PDF Death Match Posts

It’s less than two hours til I must sleep.

All those Tech Fondle Tour posts I hoped to have up today aren’t happening.

I wound up with close to two hundred photos (some not tech, which will be posted tonight to get them out of the way) and I lost track of how many iPad screensnaps I emailed to myself from the Apple Store.

Come back tomorrow for the Google Books PDF Death Match posts starring:

– Barnes & Noble Nook HD+
– Apple iPad Mini
– Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display
– Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

There are surprises ahead!

New non-tech posts will now appear below this Sticky post.

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I Will Fall Further Behind Today

The weather forecast threatens rain here for the next five days.

And I really want to go see the Nook HD+, the Archos 80 Titanium (which might be in stock somewhere), and assorted other things.

So I’ll be out most of today doing one of my Tech Fondle Tours and therefore falling even further behind in catching up on things.

On the other hand, I will take along a camera and bring back pictures to publish with my assessments later today. So there will be new first-hand posts instead of simply repeating stuff from the Net.

I’ll also try to swing through Chinatown. Sometimes I can come across things imported from China. Chinatown was at one time flooded with fake iPods and, before that, a jillion Tamagotchi knock-offs. Maybe one of the iPad Mini clones will have shown up?

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Reader Iain In London Owns A Chuwi V88

In the Comments at this post, reader Iain has kept us informed of his Chuwi V88 purchase. I’ve decided to reprint those two Comments here as a post so they’re more prominent and will show up at search engines.

Here is Iain’s first Comment:

I live in London and just received mine yesterday. Purchased from Merimobiles, which I wouldn’t recommend others do. Customer Services is poor at best, in terms of service, correspondence and clarity. Poor Sino-anglo translations notwithstanding.

On the whole, however, the tablet’s great. Well constructed, fast, responsive (1GB version though–bloody Merimobiles), light, great battery life, nice screen. A few niggles though:

1.) The volume rocker’s the wrong way around. Up is down and down is up.

2.) Wifi turns off once you turn the screen off and doesn’t restart automatically when you turn the tablet on again.

3.) Not sure if it’s just me, but my battery won’t charge up. I’m heading out later to see if a replacement charger will solve the problem. I wish it could charge via USB.

As a result of the battery situation (I used up the battery downloading apps) I haven’t had a chance to really test the tablet.

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Archos 80 Xenon Tablet Leaked


ARCHOS 80 Xenon 3G 8 inches tablet showing up in online stores

Neither the Titanium nor Platinum 80 models are widely available yet and here’s a third eight-inch tablet Archos intends to release!

From the small image, it looks to have a significantly different edge design than the Titanium and Platinum models. We’ll have to wait for the Archos sleuths to track down the Chinese source.

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