I Will Fall Further Behind Today

The weather forecast threatens rain here for the next five days.

And I really want to go see the Nook HD+, the Archos 80 Titanium (which might be in stock somewhere), and assorted other things.

So I’ll be out most of today doing one of my Tech Fondle Tours and therefore falling even further behind in catching up on things.

On the other hand, I will take along a camera and bring back pictures to publish with my assessments later today. So there will be new first-hand posts instead of simply repeating stuff from the Net.

I’ll also try to swing through Chinatown. Sometimes I can come across things imported from China. Chinatown was at one time flooded with fake iPods and, before that, a jillion Tamagotchi knock-offs. Maybe one of the iPad Mini clones will have shown up?

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