Reader Iain In London Owns A Chuwi V88

In the Comments at this post, reader Iain has kept us informed of his Chuwi V88 purchase. I’ve decided to reprint those two Comments here as a post so they’re more prominent and will show up at search engines.

Here is Iain’s first Comment:

I live in London and just received mine yesterday. Purchased from Merimobiles, which I wouldn’t recommend others do. Customer Services is poor at best, in terms of service, correspondence and clarity. Poor Sino-anglo translations notwithstanding.

On the whole, however, the tablet’s great. Well constructed, fast, responsive (1GB version though–bloody Merimobiles), light, great battery life, nice screen. A few niggles though:

1.) The volume rocker’s the wrong way around. Up is down and down is up.

2.) Wifi turns off once you turn the screen off and doesn’t restart automatically when you turn the tablet on again.

3.) Not sure if it’s just me, but my battery won’t charge up. I’m heading out later to see if a replacement charger will solve the problem. I wish it could charge via USB.

As a result of the battery situation (I used up the battery downloading apps) I haven’t had a chance to really test the tablet.

Here is Iain’s second Comment:

Hi, I went to Maplins, bought a replacement charger (an additional £20). Now the battery recharges. Phew, I was worried that I’d have to send back the tablet as faulty.

The problem was that the charger they sent with the tablet is underpowered. The battery in the Cuwi V88 is a 5V-2A affair. The charger they sent with the tablet works at 2.7V-1A.

However, despite sending a woefully underpowered charger, they did very kindly send along a UK adaptor in the box.

Having played with it for a couple of days now, and considering the bargain price, I’m very happy with the purchase and would recommend it.

There are a few instances when it freezes, or takes a while with loading a webpage on Chrome, but I’m sure a firmware update (or a root) will fix these problems.

On the whole, the user experience is great, Android runs very smoothly and so do apps and games.

Videos run well and most apps work, though not BBC iPlayer or GTA Vice City (neither did my Nexus 7 though). The screen is pretty good and has a high level of brightness.

The speaker is not the loudest, but clear, although I prefer headphones anyway.

The ports (audio, HDMI, USB, DC) work, but aren’t the best-designed as the aluminium can be rough and grating in places.

The camera and mic work fine, not the best quality, but good for a Skype.

The battery is amazing. Having such a large battery was one of the reasons I chose this tablet over the competition. The only annoyance is being stuck having to use a DC charger, I’d much prefer being able to charge with a USB cable. It’s not a huge concern though, as even with heavy usage, you’ll easily get a day out of it.

Bluetooth works as expected and is a very nice touch. Another of the reasons I chose this tablet.

Wifi is working fine for me now. Stable, good range and straightforward to connect.

The only thing about the Chuwi V88 that really annoys me, but hasn’t affected me yet (touch wood), is the MicroSD card slot. When plugged in, the card protrudes by a millimeter or two and this could easily be a dealbreaker for some. It could be fatal for my tablet if I ever lose data. I really hope I can find a case that negates this unforgivable design flaw.

My notes:

WiFi not coming back on was noted in reviews I’ve seen. That might be fixable with a firmware update. I’ve seen that fixed with other tablets. The same thing too in order to correct the Volume rocker orientation.

It’s an ugly fix, but maybe a piece of tape over it to secure the protruding microSD card? Is it spring-loaded?

As for Bluetooth, I wonder if Iain has a keyboard and a speaker to try. Those are why I want Bluetooth in a tablet. Also, with a Bluetooth mouse, does a pointer appear on screen?

If you have any questions, leave them in Comments where I hope Iain will be able to reply.


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25 responses to “Reader Iain In London Owns A Chuwi V88

  1. What date is the kernel? As many seem to ship with a build dated 19th April, I know an updated build exists dated the 25th April is available, but I can not find a change log, however this may address some issues.

  2. Finally my own Chuwi v88 has arrived, I have posted some quick AnTuTu benchmark figures here

    • mikecane

      Hang on. Did you download AnTuTu from the Google Play Store? And who did you order from? And how long did it take to arrive?

  3. Indeed it is downloaded from the Google Play store, I am aware of Fake AnTuTu, I purchased the v88 from and took about 4 days to arrive from order date, I did pay extra for DHL shipping to the UK, as I ordered a few other items, as a point of note mine also has BlueTooth even though it is the 1GB / 16GB version.

  4. heiloku

    Hi, there. Got mine today here in Spain from Spemall, 2GB version.
    Having read Iain’s comments, I’d to add my 2 cents.
    The volume button most certainly protrudes, not especially much imho. About it being the other way round, I’d say they’re fine for landscape position,considering that’s the way they’re printed just below, so left is down and right is up, which looks about right to me.
    The microSD also protrudes, but it’s spring-loaded. I’ve tried forcing it out with my nails and with tweezers, succeeding with the tweezers but after pulling hard so, fingers crossed, accidents should be rare.
    My wifi works just fine, signal strength is quite similar to my Galaxy S2’s and keeps connected when I turn the screen off manually or when it does automatically.
    The charger I received was fine, 5V 2A, and apparently (because I just plugged it to check) it works correctly.
    Only problem encountered so far, BT doesn’t seem to work properly, as I can’t manage to turn it on, will keep investigating.

    • heiloku

      Update: I flashed the 25th April firmware and bluetooth is now working as it should. Apart from this, rooting the tab is really fast and easy.
      Liking it more and more…

  5. heiloku

    Basically for the craic, and to check how easy or difficult it was. No particular reason really but force of habit…

  6. Phantomkiwi

    Hi can you give me a ruff live example of battery life e.g. Web surfing and half brightness… Also are there any English instructions website link for firmware flashing the device and the actually firmware… Is the device rooted too?

    I would rather much hear from actual ppl that own the device then trust a websites spec list.


  7. Phantomkiwi

    Yeah I did I just… However I would like to hear from other owners on here, sorry I don’t trust a china blog and only one source. How are you finding it? I’m spilt between chuwi and onda if chuwi has the 8 hour battery life then ill pick that but if its the 5 to 6 onda is better quality and no plastic volume rockers or flash cards that stick out… See my reason for asking? I need some help and honest battery reviews.

    • mikecane

      Someone in Comments with an Onda called it laggy and expressed regret in buying it. But that could change with the Android 4.2.2 update, so things are still in flux. To me right now, even with its minuses, the Chuwi V88 is the best. But you could also wait a bit as other Rockhip 3188 clones are coming that might not have its minuses. But then there’s the whole battery capacity issue to deal with too. Anything less than 5000mAh might not last very long with such a powerful CPU.

  8. Wilder

    Hello heiloku. I’m from Portugal and i want to order this tablet, but i still searching a place to buy that its realiable. You told that you bought yours on SPEMALL, thats a seller from China right?! Have you paid customs or taxes?
    If anyone knows a store that have a warehouse in Europe or its a realiable seller i will buy the Chuwi v88.


  9. Iain

    New firmware update on Chuwi’s website. Dated May 9:

  10. schlord

    HI, my Chuwi arrived too! :D
    I orderd it from Geekbuying to Germany.
    I have the same problems as mentioned before.
    -The wifi disconnection problem when the screen turned off
    -the charger didnt charge – waiting for exchange – had to buy a multi charger for 15€

    FLashing the new firmware was, thanks to nathan, no problem, aswell as the rooting process via TPSparkyRoot.bat

    My antutu score with stockFW was 16500 , now with nathans FW ist about 17500.
    i hope this helped a little :)

  11. Evert

    Some notes about
    I’ve ordered 2 tabs n9ow from them, a Onda V812 & the Chuwi V88. Both times a had great support on questions and Onda arrived in black as I had ordered white…. get some gifts with my Chuwi and a $10 refund.
    And with Chuwi, they send wrong case, and resend the correct one.
    So don’t believe all you hear about Merimobiles.

    • kwan1102

      I ordered the V88s version and it came to the US in a week via UPS. It is preloaded with android 4.2.2 and google play. I have not yet tested every feature yet but right off I found out the charger is not charging so I’ve ordered a 5V 3A charger from amazon.

  12. John Reef

    Hi there! I just bought one for my daughter and she’s used it for a week or two. She came to me yesterday saying it’s not switching on. I’m trying to figure out now if it’s not charging (is there a light to indicate it’s charging anywhere?) or if there is something else wrong. I hooked it into my tv using the mini-hdmi connector and I can see the Chuwi logo come up for a few seconds and then it just goes black. The charger is a 5V 2.5A and I can feel it’s slightly warm (does it only get warm if current flows through, e.g. it’s charging?). Anyone got any ideas?

    • mikecane

      I would try another charger before declaring it dead. Chuwi’s chargers have been very problematic.

      • John Reef

        Thanks for your reply. I can confirm the backlight died. What I did was leave it on the charger for several hours. Then I used the HDMI cable, hooked it into my TV and it showed up on the TV. I’ve sent it back to Eternal Team on AliExpress. So far, cost to send back and also having to pay customs fees again in China (for a faulty product), has cost me about US $87. They will probably charge me shipping costs again to send it back.. so that’s just one of those risks you take by buying a cheap Chinese tablet – you’ll spend half it’s worth in shipping fees if it’s broken!

        Can you confirm the charger cable pin does not “click in” or has a tight fit causing it to pull out easily?

      • mikecane

        I don’t have one so can’t say firsthand. Secondhand, I haven’t seen any complaints about the connection. It’s the charger itself. It’s not well made and doesn’t put out clean power, from what I’ve been able to understand from Chinese forum posts. Others have had better luck buying a replacement charger of known quality.

  13. Johnson

    I bought a v88 a month ago, it is the first tablet I have owned but it is great my kids have iPads and this competes in every way. But, it is a nightmare to charge, it is slow to charge and generally it only takes any charge whilst it is on. (Charger 5v .3amps).

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