Nano-Fondle: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

I’ve extracted this bit from my upcoming post — hours and hours from now — about doing a Google Books PDF test on the Galaxy Note 8.0. I had time to play around with the Note 8.0 while I waited for a ginormous download to complete.


Ignore any grain that appears in the following photos. I didn’t apply any filter to get rid of the camera sensor interference.

Tech people have complained about it being all plastic. Yeah, it is, but it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic. It’s thin and light and felt good in my hand.

Unfortunately, the back camera is crap. Here’s a pic someone else took:


And maximum zoom-in tells the story of its crapitude:


Hey, tablet makers! Stop thinking everyone is going to buy a smartphone or already has one. I don’t have one. So a tablet camera would actually be useful to me. I don’t give a damn if people think I look like a dick using a tablet to take a picture. Lots of other people already do. Get some good cameras in your tablets!

Ermmm, Samsung, exactly what time is it?


See upper right corner versus widget. I couldn’t find a way to fix that. Settings seemed to be locked down.

This joint:


I checked in quickly for some tech news:



If I was an iPad owner — after yesterday’s tests — I’d say Bill Gates was right. This will become clear later in the day when my full set of four Google Books PDF test post are up.

eBookery with whatever app Samsung has included (the pre-installed Kindle app wanted me to sign in and wasn’t set up to a demo account as it should have been):



Maximum zoom-in of type:


With a macro photo:


Sharp! That screen is sharp! I know it’s only 1280 x 800, for a PPI of 188, far below Retina, but I couldn’t see any pixels. And the colors pop. It’s like looking at print:


And whoa! This demo model still had an unstolen stylus in its well:



Yeah, I can’t escape the herd of cats.

Overall, I liked what I tried. Except for that damn TouchWiz UI Samsung slathers over Android. But they’re not going to stop that. It’s their UI disguise to palm off Tizen to rubes later this year.

The thing about the Note 8.0 was its fluidity and speed. Before I fondled it, I’d used both an iPad Mini and an iPad 4 (Retina) at an Apple Store as part of the upcoming series of Google Books PDF test posts. The snappiness of the Note 8.0 really made me go Wow! That Wow! is what Apple should be delivering. iOS felt slower and stale compared to the snap of the Note 8.0.

Also, as you will see when this series of Google Books PDF Death Match posts is published, Apple is really in deep shit and doesn’t yet realize it. Android — especially as embodied by Samsung hardware — has an opportunity to bury iOS just as Windows buried the original Macintosh OS.


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4 responses to “Nano-Fondle: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

  1. Keishon

    I know you’re writing about a tablet but I am itching to get a Galaxy S4 after seeing one/fondling one in person yesterday (he got his ahead of time through some promotion). I am ready to dump my iOS device for Android. I’ve heard about the issues with them but with the latest iOS device I have, it’s not without its issues as well. Sorry for the tangent. Great write ups, btw. I’m not moved to buy another tablet. A phone yes, tablet, no. Go Samsung!

    • mikecane

      The S series doesn’t appeal to me. See my S III tests:

      The Note looks good. And yesterday I held a dummy unit of the HTC One. That has some nice engineering in it but I thought it was too small for me. I also held a dummy new Blackberry. Wow, it’s a brick compared to the HTC One, very thick front to back in comparison.

      • Keishon

        I’ve seen the Galaxy Note up close and I think that’s the one where I thought it was just too big for a phone. Looks pretty though but not for me. The S4 was pretty slim and light & looked really good to me on the surface. Since I work with someone who uses an S4, I plan to do my own little tests and no pdf test required for this (potential) user ;-) Not making any changes until my AT&T contract is up anyway so who knows what may attract my attention next. I just know I want an Android phone.

      • mikecane

        You’d better check the Google Play Store to see if you can get the same apps you’ve been using with iOS.

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