Staples: Tablets And Kindles

Part of yesterday’s Tech Fondle Tour was a trip to Staples.


Ah, the Surface Pro! I thought it was too thick and too heavy. And also felt warm — as in battery heat from being on AC constantly. I didn’t do anything more than swipe at the home screen and peer at it to see if I could notice pixels. I couldn’t.

I looked for pixels because earlier at J&R I encountered some touchscreen PCs running Windows 8. And my god! The screen pixels were so prominent it made everything look fuzzy! Maybe that’s another reason PC sales are down. After being spoiled by tablet — and Retina — displays. new PC screens look terrible.

Staples is trying to clean up its act:


You can’t put lipstick on a pig. The tablet selection was boring. And they didn’t have any Archos. I had hoped to encounter the Archos 80 Titanium, but No. J&R didn’t have it in store, either. Double frustration.


My first encounter with a Kindle Paperwhite:



This looks pretty at first glance, but the word spacing is irritating:


Bottom stagelights:


And a weird blue band or shadow at the top:


It’s thin:


Also light and felt good in my hand.


But I had a lot of trouble with the touchscreen not registering my touches. Then it totally froze. And a Staples person said it tended to do that. Do non-demo units do that too?

The Kindle Basic:



I got confused for a moment and tried to use the D-Pad to turn pages! Anyway, it’s also nice but the Paperwhite is better (if that touchscreen actually works well).

Compared in one pic:


And those Other Kindles:


I didn’t bother with them. The Fire HD 8.9 looked like any other boring 16:9 tablet. And seven-inch tablets are so last year.

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