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Owner Review of iPad Mini Clone Ramos X10


I don’t know if anyone is interested in either the Ramos X10 or Onda V818 any longer — the Chuwi V88 is what most people are excited about now — but I thought this review was interesting.

He bought the Ramos X10 because he couldn’t afford an iPad Mini. And he did a quite long photo-filled post [Google English] about it at the IMP3Net forum.

What’s interesting is that he plugged in a USB On The Go cable and tested an Ethernet adapter (for wired Net access), a 3G dongle, a flash drive stick, a keyboard, and, shown above, a mouse!


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The Actions ATM7029 CPU Has A Secret

The Actions ATM7029 CPU will be used in several iPad Mini clones from China. The well-known one right now is the HKC Q79 Quest.

In a forum at IMP3Net [Google English], someone posted this revelation:

Engaged in the production of flat-panel reliable: the fact ATM7029 dual A9 and A5 portfolio!

Internet and some simple applications, IC using only the A5, the game uses the A9. ATM (A9 + A5) * 2.

40 A9 + a low-performance core and T3.

In the final analysis, ATM essence of true dual-core, quad-core false.

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Google Translate Chinese-To-English


You can’t make up this shit.

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Google Books PDF Death Match: Aftermath

The Google Books PDF Death Match series of posts:

– Part One: Barnes & Noble Nook HD+
– Part Two: iPad Mini
– Part Three: iPad 4 with Retina Display
– Part Four: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Partially contradicting my iPad Mini test is this photo:


More — and a video — after the break.

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A31/A31s-Based Tablets To Get Android 4.2.2

Revisionistic site IMP3Net is reporting: [Google English] Chi-wide release Android 4.2.2 version of the production firmware

It doesn’t help that Google Translate does “Chuwi” as “Chi,” so this confused me just at the headline level.

Anyway, it seems AllWinner has created a firmware update for all of its partners — which includes Onda and Colorfly — to bring Android 4.2.2 to their tablets, which would include their iPad Mini clones.

Although that could bring performance improvements to the Onda V818, it’s more likely that Onda will continue to slather its UI changes over Android and deprive users of the full benefits.

After the break, I’ve embedded a Youku video YouTube video which is worth seeing. These are significant changes and the narration is in English.

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IMP3Net Pulled Its Chuwi V88 Review And Changed It

Previously: Did IMP3Net Remove A Review Of The Chuwi V88?

IMP3Net did indeed pull down its review of the Chuwi V88.

And made a key change to the text.

This is what I screensnapped from the original Google Cache (which has since been updated with the final published review):

Click = big

They mention the assembly flaw that can lead to a gap between the front and side of the device.

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