A31/A31s-Based Tablets To Get Android 4.2.2

Revisionistic site IMP3Net is reporting: [Google English] Chi-wide release Android 4.2.2 version of the production firmware

It doesn’t help that Google Translate does “Chuwi” as “Chi,” so this confused me just at the headline level.

Anyway, it seems AllWinner has created a firmware update for all of its partners — which includes Onda and Colorfly — to bring Android 4.2.2 to their tablets, which would include their iPad Mini clones.

Although that could bring performance improvements to the Onda V818, it’s more likely that Onda will continue to slather its UI changes over Android and deprive users of the full benefits.

After the break, I’ve embedded a Youku video YouTube video which is worth seeing. These are significant changes and the narration is in English.

I wonder how long it will be before the Chuwi V88 and other Rockchip-based tablets get Android 4.2.2?

Same-day update: In a new separate article that is strictly advertorial [Google English], IMP3Net is pointing out that the tablet in the video is an Onda V818. I suspected it was but didn’t want to say so without knowing for certain.

Update Thursday May 10, 2013: I’ve replaced the Youku video with a YouTube video that AllWinner itself posted (it’s the same video). It’s described thusly:

Jelly Bean firmware updates now available for Allwinner A31, A31s, A20 based devices.

Video shows Onda V818 device.


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2 responses to “A31/A31s-Based Tablets To Get Android 4.2.2

  1. justin

    how do i get the update as i have one of the A31 tablets?

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