IMP3Net Pulled Its Chuwi V88 Review And Changed It

Previously: Did IMP3Net Remove A Review Of The Chuwi V88?

IMP3Net did indeed pull down its review of the Chuwi V88.

And made a key change to the text.

This is what I screensnapped from the original Google Cache (which has since been updated with the final published review):

Click = big

They mention the assembly flaw that can lead to a gap between the front and side of the device.

And this is the review as they finally published it [Google English]:

Click = big

No mention of that possible assembly flaw!

So, what to make of that?

It could be that the first units had the assembly flaw and Chuwi corrected the problem. Or it could be that Chuwi didn’t want that possibly-random flaw to be mentioned at all. Chuwi is, after all, an advertiser.

IMP3Net’s reviews are now to be taken with a big fat dose of salt.


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One response to “IMP3Net Pulled Its Chuwi V88 Review And Changed It

  1. Richard Day

    So Chuwi advertises and in return gets favourable treatment from IMP3Net? PW wouldn’t do that for Random House?

    Money talks and the increasingly crap journalists of this era listen carefully. Caveat emptor. “Reviews” in the media these days must ALWAYS be read with deep suspicion because far too many “reviewers” write as if they are ad department interns sucking up to the client.

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