Chuwi V88 Notes From The Net

Some people are winding up with a Chuwi V88 that has an unresponsive touchscreen. It seems an assembly flaw is to blame, not firmware.

The cure is to open up the V88 to properly seat a cable: [FIX] Touch Screen Not Working There’s at least one photo there, but you must register to see it (I have not).

Two posts over at Slatedroid excite me.


One positive about this tablet is the web browsing speed is top notch, faster than my iPad Mini no joke…must be that 1.6ghz quad core vs. the 1ghz dual in my iPad.


Agreed, this is one fast tablet, I just rooted and installed the adblocker I use and its even smoother on the web, leaves my iPad mini for dead :-)

The entire Slatedroid Chuwi V88 forum is here.

Nathan Dickman has two posts at his blog:

Flashing / Updating Firmware Chuwi V88 HOWTO
Chuwi V88 AnTuTu Benchmarking

Of possible future interest: HOW TO – Flash a Rockchip Device – based for RK3188 RK3066 RK2928 RK2918

Yesky is a strange site that seems to post reviews as a series of slides or postcards. As part of what might be a review of sorts, they did an AnTuTu test:

Click = big

Here’s a video of a Chuwi V88 with a non-functional touchscreen. Why show it? Because instead of getting immediately frustrated, use the bundled USB On The Go cable and plug in a mouse so you can at least check it out:

Previously here:

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