Nook Touch Jumps In Deadpool With $20 Fire Sale

Click = big

This is not a joke.

Staples stopped carrying the Nook series a while ago, so don’t look for it there. This is a Radio Shack special, just as the HP TouchPad fire sale was mostly a Best Buy special.

All of you eInk addicts had better go grab it.

Let me remind all of you that it can be turned into a passable Android tablet — and that includes using the Kindle app. It can also be an early 1980s Macintosh too. Click here to see all of my posts about Nook Touch rooting with embedded YouTube videos by people who have done it.

At one time, I would have jumped at this. But going through the trouble of rooting just isn’t worth it to me any longer. So the rest of you go have that fun.

I’ll just sit here playing “Taps” for the Nook.

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