If Microsoft goes all-in by purchasing Nook Media, why not go all-in and purchase Nokia too?

Nokia could get that 7.2-inch Windows RT Nook Tablet out for year’s end.

It’d be stylish too.

And have a great camera.

A Nookia tablet.

(And for the doubters who disbelieve a Windows RT Nook will be here later this year. Do you really think Nook Media can afford to miss the holiday sales? And do you really think they can fob another Android tablet off on people now? The answer to both questions is No.)

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  1. Jontte

    Microsoft seems to get about all it needs from Nokia. And when the relationship is like that, there is no need to spend billions of dollars to purchase, splice the company and get rid of the parts they don’t need (like networks). Just look at how well Google’s Motorola purchase has worked out. Big purchases are problematic.

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