Onda V818 Gets Breathless Review

Google English: [Onda] 7.9 inch the tablet V818mini users comprehensive experience

This is at IMP3Net, which is now infamous for changing its Chuwi V88 review.

Even with the fog of Google Translate, it’s written in such a breathless, excitable style that it half convinced me the Onda V818 was better than the Chuwi V88! Which is just not the case.

A sample back camera photo is posted, but greatly reduced in size. Even so, it still sucks.

The brightness of the screen is not mentioned nor is the insufficient amount of free RAM that can cause web pages to close.

On the other hand, they do post a credible AnTuTu score:


I’m still personally offended that Onda went and did so many changes to Android. That just wasn’t necessary and none of them really provide any benefit to users beyond confusing those expecting stock Android. If it had 2GBs of RAM, it’d be a good second choice to the Chuwi V88.

It will be interesting to see if anything changes when the V818 gets the update to Android 4.2.2.

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