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Google I/O Live YouTube Adds Sidebar Chat

Click = big

I’ve never seen that before.

For all the moves Google has made to make YouTube “social,” they overlooked that obvious move — until now.

I’d like to see it across all of YouTube.

Google I/O Keynote livestream


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Spemall Posts Bullshit AnTuTu Score For Chuwi V88


Just How Prevalent Is AnTuTu Score Fraud?

PandaWill Posts Bullshit AnTuTu Score For Chuwi V88


And now Spemall:


And they’re within one point of each other!

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Tick Tock Tick Tock

A Brief History of Cycles and Time, Part 2

So why didn’t war break out in 1932, 1936, or for the U.S., in 1940? It wasn’t as if people didn’t see it coming, just as we see our own war and challenges now.

Because it wasn’t time. What I mean by that is, no matter how far seeing, History, as Hari Seldon would say, is made up of the aggregate, not the individual. No individual– not even Churchill chafing under Chamberlain in 1938—could change it.

It only happens slowly, when one by one the great mass of the population have changed their minds and their behavior. Only then can history unfold. You, me, even Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, or George Soros cannot push the great Wheel of History around because it is made of all 6 Billion of us, the whole planet, the whole market, and the sum of human understanding.

When “it’s time” — it’ll also be too damn late.

You don’t “get” cancer the day you’ve been diagnosed.

You’ve had cancer for years before any clue.

When the Collapse Of All Things happens, god help us all.

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The One Kitchen Nightmares To See

People wonder why the hell I watch Kitchen Nightmares.

Sure they cut it to make a story and cast certain people in certain ways. That’s a given.

But you can’t make up what Gordon finds in their refrigerators.

You can’t make up the apathy and cluelessness of the people in it.

These are people who have petitioned to be on the show. They know what they’re in for.

Or should.

Last week the show had a couple so out of touch with reality, Kitchen Nightmares wound up transcending itself.

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Onyx Does What The Nook Should’ve Been

The Boox eReader was surprisingly popular in some European countries — likely because it was the only eReader available for sale.

Nevertheless, Onyx must have been encouraged to further develop their products because Charbax has the scoop on two new products: an eInk phone and a new Boox eReader that’s essentially an eInk Android tablet!

That’s a move Nook Media should have made when it introduced the original Nook Touch. Having seen how eagerly people were rooting the original Nook and the NookColor, Nook Media should have capitalized on that and gone vanilla Android, with Nook as an app.

But it didn’t work out that way. And here we are today.

After the break, check out the exciting video.

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The Sharks Go After Sony

American Investor Targets Sony for a Breakup

The hedge fund manager, Daniel S. Loeb, is pressing Sony into spinning off part of its entertainment arm, which includes one of the biggest film studios in Hollywood and one of the largest music labels in the world, responsible for movies like “Skyfall” and artists like Taylor Swift.

Sony’s entry into the entertainment business was strictly to add value to its electronics business.

It never worked out that way because the entertainment tail wagged the electronics dog, insisting on DRM, regional rights, and other things that just make no sense in a digital world without borders and with the capability to do immediate, worldwide release.

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