Onyx Does What The Nook Should’ve Been

The Boox eReader was surprisingly popular in some European countries — likely because it was the only eReader available for sale.

Nevertheless, Onyx must have been encouraged to further develop their products because Charbax has the scoop on two new products: an eInk phone and a new Boox eReader that’s essentially an eInk Android tablet!

That’s a move Nook Media should have made when it introduced the original Nook Touch. Having seen how eagerly people were rooting the original Nook and the NookColor, Nook Media should have capitalized on that and gone vanilla Android, with Nook as an app.

But it didn’t work out that way. And here we are today.

After the break, check out the exciting video.

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2 responses to “Onyx Does What The Nook Should’ve Been

  1. yeahman45

    i am very interested in the nook simple touch… i am searching an ebook e-ink reader… and on top of that it has android and can be rooted! but it’s mainly read chinese books… any idea if nook simple touch support chinese?

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