The One Kitchen Nightmares To See

People wonder why the hell I watch Kitchen Nightmares.

Sure they cut it to make a story and cast certain people in certain ways. That’s a given.

But you can’t make up what Gordon finds in their refrigerators.

You can’t make up the apathy and cluelessness of the people in it.

These are people who have petitioned to be on the show. They know what they’re in for.

Or should.

Last week the show had a couple so out of touch with reality, Kitchen Nightmares wound up transcending itself.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

As the clock counted down towards the end of the hour, I wondered if we were going to be punked with a surprise two-parter.


Gordon Ramsay wound up giving up!

I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

Let me quote someone who can describe it better and succinctly:

Watch Gordon Ramsay Give Up on Delusional Restaurant Owners in Kitchen Nightmares

On Friday night’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares, shouty chef Gordon Ramsay quit for the first time ever in the show’s 82-episode history. Amy and Samy Bouzaglo — owners of Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona — blamed everyone for their troubles, including “haters” and “bloggers,” but not themselves. The owners did not give service staff tips (pocketing the money instead) and admitted to having fired over 100 employees. Said Ramsay: “After about 100 Kitchen Nightmares, I met two owners I could not help, it is because they are incapable of listening.”

Boldfaced in the original.

There are two choice clips at that site.

And today, on Twitter (via @stroughtonsmith), I was reminded of the episode and pointed to Amy’s Facebook page.

Where you won’t believe your eyes.


I’m surprised they’re still in business.

But I’m absolutely flabbergasted that Amy apparently learned nothing:




That’s a business owner — speaking to customers and potential customers!

I wonder if that will turn into the Ed Wood, Jr. of restaurants. Where people go to deliberately experience a freak show of bad food and customer abuse?

I wouldn’t go rushing out to their site, however. Google reports:


Fox windows the show on their site. If you can wait eight days, it’ll be unlocked to view. Otherwise you have to register and input your “TV provider” to qualify to see it right now.

Even if you hate Gordon Ramsay, this episode is just epic.

This one episode proves the truth of what Oscar Wilde said:

There are two tragedies in life: Getting what you want — and not getting it.

Amy managed to fulfill both!

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