Orphan Black: Episode Eight




Um, no, don’t look at Sarah or Paul …


… study that painting by Felix behind Sarah. Not everything in it is an arm. What.














Karen Walton had a lot of fun writing this script.

There were some lines that made me laugh out loud. And she did plenty with the uptight Allison.

It’s clear the Neolutionists aren’t the source of the clones. I think somehow they got word of them and glommed onto them for their own ends. Otherwise, Leekie would know how many were out there and their names.

Morgue Boy disappointed. He ratted out Felix. Good documentation is really a poor excuse.

Seeing that DYAD article, I think I know what the clones are. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you don’t want such speculation. I think a pharmaceutical company created them for drug trials. They’re a reservoir of standardized human guinea pigs. But maybe that’s too simplistic?

Anyway, the ending was a surprise. But I should have seen it coming, with The City on the Edge of Forever being one of my favorites classic Star Trek episodes. Harumph.

Just two more episodes left! Then the agony of waiting until next year for more.

So far, not a single episode of this series has disappointed or bored me. I’m so glad the pilot made me curious to see the next episode.


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4 responses to “Orphan Black: Episode Eight

  1. Keishon

    In episode 4: Effects of External Conditions and correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Sarah leave a voicemail for Art, telling him that she wasn’t Beth Childs? Did they ever follow-up with that? I don’t think so. I remember now because Art and his partner are investigating into the death of Sarah Manning and Jane Doe. Art remembers Felix calling him but not Sarah? Interesting.

    Being guinea pigs for clinical/drug trials would explain why the German clone was sick? I’m not 100% sure of anything or where this plot is going. There’ a lot of symbolism and science. There is a nutcase with one clone and then there are the other clones in hiding. How it all connects is….

    • mikecane

      I dimly recall that yeah, she did leave him a voice mail, because she didn’t think she’d be alive — after confronting Helena? Hmmmmm!

      I wonder if the religious guy is a scientist who was part of the cloning and then either snapped or got religion?

      • Keishon

        Are we looking at two rival scientists? Often religion interferes with evolution. There’s some kind of relationship between the two men I suspect but again all of this is well, speculation.

      • mikecane

        Between Helena’s guardian and Leekie? I don’t know.

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