Chuwi V88: China’s iPad Mini

The Chuwi V88 got another review in China.


Google English: China’s iPad mini? Chi for V88 quad-core evaluation experience

And what was their AnTuTu score?


Note that score is lower than what owners have reported. But it’s not a fake, inflated score.

They also published two sample pics from the back camera, but reduced them to 800 x 600:



Even so, the Chuwi V88 has the best camera of the iPad Mini clones so far. It’s not by any means the best tablet camera, but it’ll do.

The review mentions Bluetooth 4.0 but didn’t test it. The review also lacks a battery endurance test.

Still, this review is only further confirmation that the Chuwi V88 is the iPad Mini clone to get. It’s the fastest, has unmolested Android, offers a model with 2GBs of RAM (you want that!), the best battery life, and a back camera that generally won’t make you cringe at its photos.

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14 responses to “Chuwi V88: China’s iPad Mini

  1. booger

    Yes, it does seem as if chuwi v88 is the champ for now.

    • booger

      I just realized there are 1gb ram models and 2gb ram models. That link above is for 1gb ram modl.

      • mikecane

        I would not get a model with 1GB. Not after the force closes and web page tab closings reported with the Onda V818. 1GB no longer seems to be enough.

    • Will De Mauro

      Wait wait, I almost made that same mistake!
      $160.99 Model#:sku40609 Only has 1 Gig RAM memory, only has the Android 4.1.1
      $172.99 Model#:sku40838 Has 2 Gig of Ram Memory, also has Android 4.2
      Trust me that extra gig of ram makes all the difference on speed tests.
      All for $12

      • Will De Mauro

        BTW I’ve seen an unmolested Model#:sku40838 constantly do 17,000 and change and every so often 18,000+
        On the ATUTU speed tests.

        Mike, excellent Bluetooth speaker as you pointed out it’s a must for tablets.

  2. booger

    Don´t know if you have this review, but seems like a good tablet.

  3. booger

    Couple of comments worth noting from slatedroid:

    ” The protruding SD is a little annoying to be perfectly honest.. I may just keep everything on my internal.
    Yeah, I find it more worrying than annoying. Hence I used a little scotch tape to tape over the sd card. Pretty much unnoticeable yet provides me with a peace of mind. ”

    “Hey one little thing that bugs me a little bit.. the screen glass lifts up slightly at the top..I can push down on it slightly and it actually seats down a little further…wondering if I can insert some super glue in there. Just seems more likely to crack with it protruding out like this

    I have the exact same issue. I kept on pressing it down every now and then, (press and bend both extreme ends of the screen towards me) and now finally it seems to have stuck down for good. I’d imagine this issue is because the factory rushed production hence didn’t position the digitizer properly before affixing it to the tab. ”

  4. Eddy Bruin

    I have been following your blog and gizchina for a while now. And I’m tempting to buy this tablet. However on Slatedroid people are reporting issues with the tablet. What is your experience with it? Do I need to spend hours installing ROMs, rooting and tweaking? Or does it pretty much work out of the box (incl gapps)?
    Pandawill (which has proven to be reliable) offers the best price I think @ 180 (for 2GB). Or did you find any cheaper reliable shops?

    • mikecane

      I don’t own a Chuwi V88. It’s my policy never to buy something first because there are bound to be issues that only *owners* can reveal. I can’t give any advice other than to say the Rockchip 3188-based clones are the most powerful of the three platforms (Actions, AllWinner, Rockchip). For those looking for an alternative, the ICOO Fatty 2 might suffice. I’ll have a post about it sometime today.

      • Eddy Bruin

        Cool thnx for the reply. I agree that only owner reveal the most problems. And that’s the problem I have with buying one of these tablets. Reviews look good, but fora are full of complaints. I own a Newman N2, a brilliant phone for it’s hardware and it got good reviews. The software is a nightmare however and also hardware problem occur quite often. I would like to prevent this for the tablet I want to buy. It seems though that this is not possible with Chinese tablets.

      • mikecane

        Despite its own shortcomings, the Acer Iconia A1-810 seems like a much lower risk. At least it can be tried in person, bought in person, and if ultimately unsatisfactory, returned in person.

  5. Apisalome Waqatabu

    HI – I have a V88 with Chinese language on it. Does anyone know how to change the language settings to English? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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