AnTuTu Reveals China Tablet Score Fraud

April 24, 2013: Just How Prevalent Is AnTuTu Score Fraud?

Finally! The fraud I suspected and publicized — with the help of a fellow who did a revealing video — has been officially acknowledged!

May 20, 2013: Massive Cheating Bahavior of Chinese Tablets Manufacturers

Some manufacturers promote they products for profits by using fake benchmarks. In fact, some users are unable to run official version of AnTuTu Benchmark on their devices for manufacturers have modified their products, thus the cheating behavior will not be discovered. These manufacturers passed the buck to AnTuTu, claimed that it is because of the incompatibility of AnTuTu Benchmark. AnTuTu make a solemn statement here that there is no compatibility problems on AnTuTu Benchmark. If AnTuTu Benchmark can not run on your device, or there is no readable words on the interface of AnTuTu Benchmark, and your device is made by Chinese manufacturer, then you should know this is cheating.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Here is what someone said in Comments here:

I have the hkc q79. Bought it 2 days ago in Singapore. Antutu crashes after 1s so I couldn’t run benchmark.

Proof of what AnTuTu is saying?

The HKC Q79 (Quest) uses the Actions ATM7029 ARM Cortex A9 CPU. I noted in my prior post:

For example, one site has been praising the Actions ATM7029 CPU — which is what Ramos X10 uses — while another has been dissing it as being too weak!

Really, I was going mad trying to resolve the great disparity in AnTuTu scores I was seeing. It turns out my suspicions of fraud were correct after all.

Chinese tablet makers are going to have to take a public vow of absolute honesty if they expect to thrive. You can cheat people only once. Then word gets around — the Internet really is a small place — and your sales tank.

And yes, my calling the AnTuTu scores from both PandWill and Spemall bullshit was justified after all. Chinese tablet sellers have to clean up their act too.


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7 responses to “AnTuTu Reveals China Tablet Score Fraud

  1. Brian

    I don’t think its all fraud. It seems that normal Antutu isn’t optimized for some high-performance chips like in the Onda V818 (Allwinner A31).

    Check out this video:

    • mikecane

      The thing is, if we have “optimized for X CPU” versions of AnTuTu, we lose the ability to compare scores across all devices.

      • Brian

        Agree Mike. Something to think about: software (benchmarks) usually lags behind hardware (CPUs/GPUs). If a benchmark isn’t updated to take advantage of current hardware, then I think it will underrate the performance of some newer chips. Cortex-A7 (the CPU architecture in the Onda model) and SGX544 (the GPU in same model) are very new hardware entrants to the Android space, so I’m not sure if Antutu is testing everything that this hardware can do. Do you know if there’s anyway to find out?

      • mikecane

        All I can suggest is to email the AnTuTu devs.

  2. PSK

    Agree with comments that optimizing for a benchmark defeats the purpose of the benchmark.

    On a related note – PLEASE – show the broken down AnTuTu subscores. The composite score is worthless for those with specific interests. For example, I am driven by RAM, integer and float ratings and care less for the GPU related measures.


    • mikecane

      When I see AnTuTu scores, sometimes it’s the detail screen, sometimes just the main screen. There’s no consistency in even showing them.

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