Avoid The ICOO Fatty 1 iPad Mini Clone

ICOO has announced the prices for its two iPad Mini clones that have the unfortunate name of “Fatty.”


The ICOO Fatty 1 will be using a dual-core AllWinner A20 CPU. The quad-core AllWinner A31s is no speed demon — according to Onda V818 owners — so I expect the A20 to be a real dog. This model is strictly for the budget-constrained domestic Chinese market and should be avoided by everyone outside of China looking for an iPad Mini clone. Heed the Buying Advice! And beware of AnTuTu score fraud.

The ICOO Fatty 2 will use the screaming quad-core Rockchip 3188. But no reviews of the Fatty 2 have appeared yet and there’s no word if Android will be left alone by ICOO or modified and slowed down.

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