Chinese Sites Try To Blame Users For AnTuTu Score Fraud

I’m not through checking Chinese tech sites for the day.

But I’ve already come across what amounts to a Party Line on the issue of AnTuTu score fraud. The articles about the fraud lead off with the slant that users are to blame because they want to know the AnTuTu score for their buying decisions.

You know what? That’s just tough shit, so you lot had better learn to chew harder.

1) Stop running advertorial content. You’re just as guilty of fleecing the public by running manufacturer-submitted pimp copy — which can include AnTuTu scores — without clearly stating This Is An Advertisement.

2) You’ve run fraudulent AnTuTu scores yourselves! I wouldn’t have had any suspicions a month ago if I hadn’t seen such a wide variety of scores from your own sites.

3) Users have a right to know an AnTuTu score. We want to know it for all tablets — those sold by domestic brands and those from outside the U.S.. We can’t hop on a jet and go to a Shenzen market to fondle these things. Hell, there are people in the U.S. who aren’t near an electronics store and have to rely on buying by mail from Amazon or another company. Everyone had to buy a Kindle from Amazon for years before they showed up in local stores!

4) AnTuTu is a valid tool for buying decisions. It’s just crap expecting people to have access to all possible tablets (and phones). Benchmarks have been used in the tech industry for decades. They will continue to be used. So you know what, manufacturers? Stop producing weak shit that people don’t want to buy. Are you an honest business or one that just wants to grab money? If your device has a lower AnTuTu score than another, guess what? It should be priced less too! An HKC Q79 (Quest) just isn’t worth the same amount of money as a Chuwi V88, despite what your costs say. We don’t give a damn about your costs. We want to best value for our money.

You don’t go passing the buck to buyers, users, and your readers for a fraud that’s been going on for quite some time and which your own sites didn’t blow the whistle on when you damn well knew it was taking place.

At one time, Japan was the laughingstock of the world. When they learned of this, they vowed to become a world-class manufacturing power to surpass everyone else.

Some of China’s tablet manufacturers are now the laughingstock of the world. Learn the lesson that Japan did and improve. The entire world is open to you if you’re honest. And closed to you if you’re just out to cheat people.

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