Another Book Publishing Mafia Member Falls

Penguin pays $75 million to settle US eBook price-fixing case ahead of Apple’s June trial

The Attorney General also confirmed the settlement earlier today, noting that the investigations and resulting litigation has recovered in the region of $164 million so far.

Boldfaced emphasis added be me.

One hundred and sixty-four million dollars.

I wonder if that even wipes out the collusive profits they made?

Apple thinks it’s invincible.

But it will fall next.


Pearson agrees $75 million settlement in U.S. e-books case

Pearson has previously said that it did not believe it had done anything wrong with its e-book pricing but had agreed to settle so that it could move ahead with the merger of Penguin with Random House, which it announced last October.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

A business like Apple doesn’t stand still.

It will want to buy a company or make another move.

And then find that the litigation blocks it.

So it will settle.

It will fall.

And it will be the biggest fall of them all.

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One response to “Another Book Publishing Mafia Member Falls

  1. Thanks for continuing to follow this story, Mike.

    It’s amazing to me that there isn’t more outrage over it. But does explain to me a little why more and more authors are going the self publishing route.

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