Chinese iPad Mini Clone Buying Tips

Google English: [Review / disassemble] ask today domestics 7.9-8 inch IPS Who brought flair? MINI Quad narrow invincible serious concern (snare 23 kinds for gentlemen review)

Extracting the key points:

Raw power:
CPU: RK3188 is best, A31s is next, ATM7029 is weakest
GPU: A31s has the best, RK3188 is next, ATM7029 is weakest

Power Management:
ATM7029 is best, A31s is next, RK3188 is least stingy

AnTuTu Score Range:
Quad-core RK3188 A9 28nm at 1.6GHz with Mail400 MP4 GPU has an AnTuTu score in the 17,000 range.

Quad-core A31s A7 40nm at 1GHz with PowerVR SGX 544MP2 GPU has an AnTuTu score in the 12,000 range.

Quad-core ATM7029 A5 40nm at 1.2GHz with GC1000 GPU has an AnTuTu score in the 6,000 range.

So in terms of power, the line-up is (updated June 29, 2013):

1) Chuwi V88, ICOO Fatty 2, Vido Mini One (RK3188)
2) Onda V818 (A31s)
3) Ramos X10 and HKC Q79 (Quest) (ATM7029)


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2 responses to “Chinese iPad Mini Clone Buying Tips

  1. Charles

    I am a student,who do much browsing,gaming(to an extent),snapping,and electricity not too constant,less free wifi availability in my place. Please which china Tablet will you recommend for me,cos I must confess all this things confuse me and I am new to the android world.pls reply

    • mikecane

      All of the Chinese tablets have different problems and I can’t recommend one over the other except to say that those with Rockchip’s 3188 CPU are the most powerful. And that 2GBs of RAM is necessary because 1GB can lead to force closing of browser tabs.

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