Retina-Class Screen Tablets From China: Avoid

Even highly-compromised Chinese tech sites have to publish the truth from time to time, if only not to lose all of their slim credibility.

Those of you who have been thinking that a tablet from China with a 9.7-inch Retina-class screen would be a bargain alternative to a Retina iPad had better skip the current offerings.

In short, the present generation of CPUs and GPUs being used just aren’t powerful enough — and that includes the quad-core Rockchip 3188 that otherwise screams in the (non-Retina) iPad Mini clone Chuwi V88.

Google English: Display a quad-core machine PD800 gods Walker trial

While fluency may not be satisfactory, but the PD800 system stability is still very good, did not occur in any one using the phenomenon of death, nor encountered gratuitous BUG. As for the slightly slow system response, which is the inevitable choice result retina screen. For now, due to memory bandwidth or CPU performance limitations, including Rockchip RK3188 and Allwinner A31, including the domestic four-core CPU to cope with such a high-resolution screens are also some pressure.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Retina-class tablets using the AllWinner A31 and the Rockchip 3188 have real-world performance problems.

Specific to this product is, PD800 memory of 2GB, but the high score screen and video decoding itself will take part to go, so the only remaining memory is generally up to about 1GB. Of course, this is still a lot, actually limit the performance of the retina screen function is not memory size, more because of memory bandwidth, RK3188 32bit single channel DDR3 memory is designed to run at 528MHz, memory speed than the first to propose the concept of the retina screen Apple’s own CPU slow a lot. In addition, 512KB secondary cache to a certain extent also limits the CPU performance play. In the GPU side, RK3188 is still using the Mali-400MP4 series graphics core, the frequency has been upgraded, the official nominal is to reach 533MHz. Timeshare can actually run soared to 600MHz, while playing the game the basic 400MHz.

However, the real deal A9 architecture CPU basic frequency is still very strong processing performance, security Bunny run points to reach 15,135 points, a relatively high level again. Compared to the same program screen products low score slightly lower, mainly due to the 2D / D graphics score drop. Another tool Nenamark 2.4 GPU special test result is 38.2, apparently also affected by the retina screen. Products are generally low-scoring screen refresh rate to achieve this score limits, PD800 peak screen refresh rate is only 50.28, already not too high.

If that’s not clear, there are a variety of deficiencies in the architecture of both the 3188 CPU and the Mali-400 GPU that make them a mismatch for use with a Retina-class screen.

And this:

security Bunny run points to reach 15,135 points

“Security Bunny” is Google Translate’s gibberish translation of AnTuTu. The AnTuTu test on this device is allegedly a score of 15,135, which seems fine (if it’s even a legit score). But this doesn’t reflect the actual real-world performance.

If that doesn’t convince …

Google Translate: Zhongguancun Onda V973 quad-core version of the evaluation thinnest retina screen tablet

… here’s the concluding paragraph to that review of the new Onda V973:

Overall, Onda V973 quad-core version of the current low price in the retina screen tablet called one of the best. The most satisfactory in the case of its design and workmanship stage performance fully meet domestic flat top level, but also the functional performance of products with the same configuration little difference, but in the application of high-intensity endurance and thermal performance under the machine body space is small and affected to some extent, but if you just look at the video and e-books, on the Internet for the performance of the aircraft’s life is still very good.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

In other words, performance is crap unless you intend to watch video, read eBooks, or just browse the Net!

Does anyone really want a Retina display for just that? What a waste of a screen!

So it’s clear that if you want a Retina-class tablet that works properly, bite the bullet and get a Retina iPad. There’s no bargain to be had with the current generation of Retina-class Android tablets from China. It will take — optimistically — until the end of the year for CPU and GPU makers to create the next generation of chips that are suitable to drive Retina-class screens.

And if you’ve been waiting for the Archos 97 Platinum — which has the A31 CPU in it — skip that one too.


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2 responses to “Retina-Class Screen Tablets From China: Avoid

  1. booger

    I still appreciate the viewing angles and more vibrant colors with an IPS screen although all I pretty much do with my tablet is read.

  2. Alex

    Can only confirm that Honda v973 A31 quad core retina tablet is very slow and can only be used for books and video, browsing performance is also not good.

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