Kindle Paperwhite Leak In China

1Pad in China has published a reader photo [Google English] of a Kindle Paperwhite endcap display from a Suning Tesco store.


There’s been no official announcement of Amazon partnering with Suning Tesco — or of the eInk Kindle entering China at all — so there’s some skepticism about the veracity of this photo. However, I tend to believe it’s a store that jumped the gun and put up its display early.

Previously, Bolopad insisted the Kindle would debut in China on April 26th. That didn’t happen. It could have been planned and then delayed for any number of reasons.

If this photo is to be believed, Amazon’s Kindle should be entering China in some way soon. Suning Tesco already lists cases for it [Google English]. I can’t see such a large chain stocking those for an non-existent market (although this listing [Google English] illustrates silly non-Kindle uses too).

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