Kindle Launches In China May 31st

From the 1Pad post [Google English]:

According to the latest news, current Kindle Paperwhite eBook, Kindle Fire tablet basic price has been determined. Which, Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi version of the mainstream price is 859 yuan, while the Kindle Fire HD priced at about 1400-1500 yuan (unspecified size), price and Taobao parallel price almost.

To put that price in perspective, an iPad Mini clone is priced at 899. And at least one eight-inch quad-core non-clone tablet has just dropped in price to 599 and one seven-inch tablet has been introduced for 399.

Same-day update: IMP3Net is reporting the Kindle will launch on June 7th [Google English]. Let’s see which site is correct. By the way, both dates are Fridays.

Second same-day update: The source of the June 7th date is this report at Sina Weibo [Google English], which also fleshes out the history of Amazon and China.

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