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Dear SFWA Writers: Let’s Chat About Censorship & Bullying

another sfwa sexist gaffe

Feeling heat for your ideas is not censorship or thought-control

And speaking of the SFWA Bulletin column as referenced in that last link–I managed to get my hands on a scan of the column in question.” (Scroll down)


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How To Improve And Then Ruin An HKC Q79 Quest


Google English: [Review / disassemble] my palms I call the shots, one hand Mini Pad HKC-Q79 evaluation after the articles: Brief ROM with tragic disassemble

There’s talk there of using a streamlined ROM. And then some pictures of the HKC Q79 being ruined during disassembly.

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China: eBooks, Writers, And Writing

Something’s happening over there. I’m just not sure what or how right now. So these links for later.

Report: Qidian Founder Arrested, Ugly Rumors May Implicate Shanda, Tencent

iFanr/Google English: Network literature changes: pattern, channels and author are in the innovation eco-

Google English: Biography founder Lolli start commercial bribery detainees suspected war grand Tencent

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited

Shanda Snags Success

Shanda Literature: Making Money from Copyright

Wikipedia: Shanda and Guo Jingming

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Onda V818 Android 4.2.2 OTA Update Begins


The Over The Air update to Android 4.2.2 begins rolling out today.

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